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... Eleven years ago I started working at TGS and my electromechanical profile earned me several positions within the Transportation Operations Department. At each of the plants where I have worked I have had the chance to develop ties with people who have contributed to my career growth. Now I am facing the most important challenge: to build and lead a new work team. TGS is marked by its tireless endeavor for continual improvement, the highest quality standards in the operation of its plants, as well as its commitment to environmental care and safety and occupational health for all its staff and contractors. Through a corporate volunteers program I am part of, we also look after the community, helping institutions, developing a bond, sharing their growth and monitoring their progress, while we strengthen ties as a team that works towards a common goal. A further reason why I choose TGS day after day is our EGA work modality, in which each member can contribute its best in the pursuit of our objectives, training himself and growing along with the other members of the team.
Javier Montoya
... My history in the company dates back to the year 2004, when I was hired for six months to perform as an operator at the Dolavon Compressor Plant. I will always remember with great gratitude my work at the plant, as I met amazing people and learned a great deal of new things. Soon after that, I was contracted as work inspector for almost one year, until I was given a permanent position to cover a job opening in cathodic protection in the Pico Truncado Operation Base There I was part of several works, which contributed to my growth both at a personal level and in the professional career as well. In addition to the training provided by the company, there are always workmates more experienced than you , from whom you can learn. In May 2009 I moved to Río Gallegos to peform as leader of this base. Every single day brings new tasks and different challenges, making this job attractive, never monotonous. The highest challenge that comes to my mind has been the repair of the failures in the Austran and Southern Pipeline and. I lived that project with intensity, as I had never led such a large team. Things worked out successfully thanks to my workmates, who gave me their support every second of the way and worked tirelessly to get the job done on time. Why do I choose TGS? Not only because of the atmosphere of independence and trust in which we do our job every day but also because of the training and development possibilities that the company offers us. To whomever may be taking their first steps at TGS, I would tell them that they are joining a company that will enable them to grow, develop and train, a place where -as we are always told- “you can set your own limits”.
Claudio Atrio

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