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... At TGS, I have lived enriching experiences. In the year 1995 I was hired in the accounting sector and after 8 years of performing as “Accounting Analyst“ I pursued my career in the area of Corporate Information. It was with great joy that I accepted the challenge to fill the position of Money Desk Chief, offered to me in 2007 It allowed me to grow in Finance, the area that presents greatest interest to me, and implement the knowledge I had acquired in my post degree studies. Throughout the years I have faced several challenges, the implementation of SAP in record time (at that moment TGS was the company implementing the greatest number of modules at the same time); the accounting and costing of the new Liquids Business from scratch; the restructuring of our indebtedness, monitoring a great deal of capital flow. They have all been inspiring experiences At TGS we breath in a pleasant environment, where freedom to work is priviledged and where knowledge is exchanged generously. Comradeship, goodwill, team work, professionalism and passion to work for TGS are the cornerstones that make our company a great place to work. We are trying to convey this passion to the new generations, so that they can live it in the same way as us, who have been here for a longer time.
Juan Pablo Besuzzo
... Having been part of the creation of TGS fills me with enormous pride. It was a unique experience. I joined Gas del Estado in 1974, and some years later I had the chance to go through the privatization process. A new culture, nurtured by experience and business vision, was created. Currently TGS positioning is acknowledged in our segment. We are leaders not only at a professional and technical level but also in terms of human quality. TGS gives us the freedom to do, and in return it asks us to have personal initiative and the will to develop and assume new challenges. What is TGS’s trademark? Our people’s commitment. Any goal set by the company is sustained by the dedication of all its employees.
Ricardo Trípodi

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