Our Businesses

Natural gas transportation

We transport 62% of the gas consumed in Argentina. This service has been under the regulations of Law Nª 24,076 since the privatization of Gas del Estado, the state-owned gas company, in December 1992. In 2016, gas transportation accounted for 28% of our total revenues.

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Processing and Commercialization of Liquid Petrol Gas ("LPG")

 This segment activities start with the processing of natural gas proceeding from General San Martín, Neuba I and Neuba II Pipelines. It comprises the separation of ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline that arrive to the Cerri Complex, located in Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires). This activity represented 56% of our total revenues in 2017.

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Other Services

Our expertise and know- how allow us to provide treatment, conditioning, compression and operation and maintenance services to facilities of the Natural Gas Industry. These services -which are also referred to as Midstream- constitute integral solutions offered to natural gas and oil producers- from wellhead up to gas transportation systems.

We are focused on expanding our activities towards a regional scope, with the purpose of increasing the share of international trade in our business portfolio. Our target is to find new markets, attractive in terms of size, growth and profitability, and identify businesses that allow us to add value at every stage of the natural gas chain.

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Telcosur S.A. is a telecommunications company that started operations in 1998, with the objective to capitalize on TGS assets and infrastructure. It renders services as “carrier of carriers”, positioning itself as a capacity carrier for telephone operators and other major corporate users.

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