Our Company

Corporate Profile

We are the largest gas transportation company in our country and we operate the longest pipeline system in Latin America, both efficiently and safely.

We are leaders in natural gas liquids production and commercialization.

We offer wide-ranging solutions in natural gas, adding value to our clients and linking producers activities to the market.

We provide independent bandwidth services through our controlled company, Telcosur S.A.

Our Evolution

TGS S.A. started operations on December 28, 1992 after the privatization of the Argentine energy sector. Since the beginning of our operations, we have invested in the reliability, safety and efficiency of our operations, through an extensive maintenance program focused on the integrity of our pipelines. On the other hand, by means of an ambitious expansion program designed to meet the gradual demand increase, we have been able to drastically expand our transportation capacity, compared to the initial volumes with which our operations began.

Our track record in the Argentine natural gas market has enabled us to stand out as an acknowledged provider of products and services in the industries of gas and its by-products.

Driven by our leadership in the energy sector, we generate and promote groundbreaking projects, which reflect our commitment to the sustainable development of our country.

Our Commitment

We fuel the future from our culture based on three main cornerstones:

Focus on the client

We seek to anticipate the needs of our customers, offering first- rate solutions with the aim of building long-term relations.


We break old patterns to meet new challenges, always driving continuous improvement.


We perform with excellence. We fulfill our goals. We are true to our word.

We consolidate our commitment to conduct our operations with quality, reliability and safety, protecting the environment and helping to improve the standard of living of our community.