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The preservation of the environment and the quality of life are our priority, therefore we are committed to reducing the impact of all our activities

Since the beginning of our activities in 1992, we have always sought to protect the environment that surrounds our activities in the gas industry.

Our commitment is reflected in our systematic work towards improving our performance in environmental issues, applying ISO 14001 standards as a tool.

Driven by our commitment to the environment, our Policy extends to our contractors as well. Thus, in the execution of every work we require our contractors to meet the same standards we stick to and to implement environmental protection programs recommendations.

At TGS we follow specific procedures to detect and keep in check those issues that may adversely affect the environment.

Our management is based on compliance with current laws, respect for environmental management procedures and plans and on the responsible behavior of each member of the organization to prevent environmental impacts and conduct our businesses in a sustainable manner.

We tirelessly work to uphold the culture we have developed to prevent pollution and preserve the natural resources we use, being fully aware that we manage a non- renewable resource, which must be used in an efficient manner.

We have implemented Safety, Environment and Quality management indicators in the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, in order to visualize their performance and contribution to the achievement of global goals.

Environmental goals

Our purpose is to prevent pollution and preserve the natural resources that surround us and that we use in the operation of the company.

  • Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere
    By investing in devices that allow reducing the amount of natural gas vented by the maintenance of the gas pipelines.
  • Minimization of waste generated in the facilities
    Both household assimilable waste, industrial and hazardous waste.
  • Reduction of energy consumption and improvement of energy efficiency
    investing in technology that allows us to make efficient use of the resource, improving the existing lighting systems with LED technology in most of the facilities of the company.

  • Treatment of sanitary effluents
    And its recovery as water for irrigation, focusing on sites with a water deficit.
  • Efficient management of water resources
    Promoting the care and control of the amount of water consumed and discharged.

Integrated management system

  • Certified under the
    ISO 14001: 2015 standard
    since 1998.
  • Report that includes the
    environmental management of
    all indicators of
    the company
  • Impact evaluation
    environmental of all
    our projects
  • Internal audits and

Prevention and training

Community safety is a priority issue. Learn about the different actions we carry out

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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Policy

Reaffirming our commitment to transparency, we present our operating, socio-environmental and financial results registered during the year 2020