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Natural gas transportation


We are the most important gas transportation company in our country and we operate the longest pipeline system in Latin America, both efficiently and safely.

Natural gas transportation has been governed by Law Nº 24,076 since the privatization of the state gas company in December 1992.

Our gas transportation system connects the Argentine southern and western gas reserves, going through seven provinces, to supply with natural gas the city of Buenos Aires, the Greater Buenos Aires as well as the center and south of our country.

We transport over 60% of the gas consumed in our country along our pipeline system that reaches a total length of 9,232 km.

Natural Gas Transportation Modalities

Firm Transportation:

Service rendered without interruptions or reductions. The customer pays a fixed rate for the reserved capacity.

Interruptible Transportation:

This service is subject to interruptions, depending on the transportation system’s available capacity. The rate is variable, subject to the transported volume.

Exchange and Displacement:

It is a transportation service that works in a direction opposite to the flow of the gas. It is interruptible, subject to the kind of service.

Transportation Activity Main Indicators
Inyection Capacity 85.5 MMm³/d
Pipelines 9.232 Kms
Installed Power 780.100 hps
Compression Plants 33
Measurement Stations 360
Maintenance Bases 8
Our clients
Direct 68
Indrect 6.2 Millones

Transportation System Expansions

Transportation System Expansions are conducted by means of Open Seasons, through which interested parties are invited to submit their firm transportation capacity requirements.

Since the beginnings of our operations in 1992, we have expanded our transportation system from 43 MMm³/d to 85,5 MMm³/d to meet the gradual demand increase, by means of the installation of pipeline loops and additional power at the compressor plants along the transportation system.

TGS’s System

TGS is the largest gas transporter in Latin America. Its pipelines, reaching a total length of 9,231 km, link the Neuquen, San Jorge and Austral basins- at the south and west of our country – with the main consumption centers in the southern and center regions in Argentina, including the Greater Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Map of our Natural Gas Transportation System

The following map illustrates the outline of our pipelines: Neuba I - Neuba II - San Martín and Cordillerano.


Our main clients are distribution companies, electricity power plants, industries, producers and distributors. Through the transportation service we render to our clients, we indirectly reach 6,2 million natural gas consumers.

Our clients

  • Metrogas
  • Camuzzi Pampeana
  • Naturgy
  • Camuzzi Sur
  • Cammesa
  • Pampa
  • Aluar
  • Profertil
  • Albanesi
  • Others

Firm capacity per kind of client

  • Distribution Companies
  • Power Generation Companies
  • Industrial
  • Producers Segment
  • Trading Companies

Current regulation

Internal regulation of dispatch


Natural Gas Transportation: Basic Rules

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Natural Gas Transportation: Service Regulations

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Resolution 1483/2000 – Guidelines on Firm Capacity Allocation

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Open Seasons

Below, in reverse chronological order, you will find the Open Seasons through which we have conducted firm transportation capacity expansions:

Local Tariffs

Exports Tariffs

Trust Fund Charges

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Instructive Use SPAC

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