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Public awareness

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of our pipelines, our Citizen Awareness program aims to develop community awareness about our pipeline system, provide the necessary information to the public and foster communication with stakeholders throughout our area. of influence

Since the beginning of our management in 1992, we have been characterized by our strong commitment to continuous improvement, process ethics and communication

Our constant concern for the safety of both our operations and the community that surrounds us has led us to certify the environmental and quality management systems, in accordance with ISO 14.001 and ISO 9.001.

In addition, as part of the continuous improvement that we promote from our Policy of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, in 2006 we managed to comply with the standards required by the OHSAS 18.001 certification.

How to operate in gas pipeline zone

For your safety and that of everyone, please read this information carefully.

How to detect the proximity of a buried pipe?

First, if you cannot determine the location of buried facilities, the Municipality of the area can tell you if there are buried TGS pipes.

The existence of indicators fulfills only one warning function, but does not provide enough information to indicate areas where excavations can be carried out.

Keep in mind that these signs or signs:


Therefore, let us provide all the information you need, by calling 0800-999-8989.

Steps to follow to work in areas close to our pipelines

Toll free 0800-999-8989

If you need to dig, dynamit or carry out any work with road equipment near our buried pipes, please let us know 48 hours before starting your activities, at 0800-999-8989

Similarly, to locate exactly the pipe, its depth and diameter, do not hesitate to call 0800-999-8989

"Interference" application

Please access to https://interferencias.tgs.com.ar/ to determine if your activities run the risk of interfering with our buried pipes.

You must register to be able to enter and obtain your contact information in order to maintain a fluid communication and avoid any accident.

For more information about the application management, this link will provide you; A brief explanation about its use.


TGS will respond to your request shortly and provide all the information you need

Remember that prevention, knowledge and timely communication minimize the risks of accidents.

General Reference Information

Before starting any activity in the pipeline safety zone, read the information previously provided in our Damage Prevention Manual and in the Guide for Third Party Works in the Pipeline Safety Zone.

tgs - Damage Prevention Manual


Security advice

  • Do not travel along the pipeline with trucks or tractors of more than 10 tons per axle.
  • Do not plant trees or shrubs, within 12.5 meters of each side of the pipeline.
  • Do not cross the pipeline with plow or tractor.
  • Do not make constructions on the gas pipeline plot, even if they are provisional.
  • Do not light fires near where the pipelines pass.
  • Do not steal or damage signs and signs.
  • Do not use explosives.
  • Do not excavate within 30 meters of each side of the pipeline.

Damage Prevention Contact Information

Juan Alberto Kindsvater
Operations Management
Pipeline Management
4865-9050/80 Ext. 1231

Documentation to be submitted for installations at crossings or parallel to the TGS line - Procedure PGTO 236

Contact information for interference management and / or damage prevention