Our Company

Integrated Management Sysmtem Policy

Our company —dedicated to the rendering of services related to the integration of the production and consumption of natural gas and its byproducts — commits to conduct our businesses and operate our facilities in compliance with both applicable regulations and the standards we willingly meet. Through the continuous improvement of our management system, we pledge to meet the expectations of our customers and prioritize the quality of our services, the prevention of pollution and the safety and health of our employees and contractors.

The main cornerstones of our Policy are:

  • Our people, for their dedication and commitment.
  • Our processes, products and services, for the perfect balance that relates their quality, costs, productivity, benefits, environmental monitoring and risk preventions.
  • Our Integrated Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, to ensure compliance with this Policy.
  • Our contribution to the sustainable development of the community in which we conduct our operations, through actions aimed at improving its quality of life.
  • Our clear and transparent communication with our staff, clients and other stakeholders on Safety, Environment and Quality issues.

Management of Safety, Occupational Health, Enviroment And Quality

Safety and Occupational Health

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) —which has been duly certified and accredited internationally — deals with issues related to Safety and Occupational Health (OHSAS 18001 Standards: 2007), Environment (ISO 14001 Standards: 2004) and Quality (ISO 9001 Standards: 2008).

The Scope of our IMS extends to natural gas transportation, conditioning and processing services as well as to the production and commercialization of natural gas liquids. It also applies to the design, supply, operation and maintenance of facilities related to the natural gas industry and use of energy.

The dates below refer to the initial obtaining of certifications. Since then, we have been annually audited by Certification Bodies and have complied with the outlined maintenance and recertification cycles.

October 1998: Certification of our Environmental Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 14001 Standards: 1996. Certification Body: DNV-GL. Accreditation Organizations: RvA (Dutch Accreditation Council) and OAA (Argentine Accreditation Body).

December 2001: Certification of our Quality Management System in line with the requirements outlined ISO 9001 Standards: 2000 Certification Body: DNV-GL. Accreditation Organization: RvA and OAA.

April 2007: Certification of our Safety and Occupational Health Management System in line with the specifications of OHSAS 18001: 1999. Certification Body: DNV-GL.

Safety and Occupational Health

We regard Safety as a “Value” that is prioritized in the management of our SHE Committee and that actively engages our employees in the prevention and mitigation of risk, generating commitment to a sustainable culture of righteous performance in safety.

We understand the management of Safety and Occupational Health as the result of the joint effort of all the people who make our company and interact with it, strongly involving both our employees and our contracted staff.

We work hard to correct and improve attitudes, capabilities and behavior patterns that may affect or influence safety at work, both on an individual and group scope. Our key focus is to develop prevention until we arrive at a culture based on safe habits.


Since the beginning of our activities in 1992, we have always sought to protect the environment that surrounds our activities in the gas industry.

Our commitment is reflected in our systematic work towards improving our performance in environmental issues, applying ISO 14001 standards as a tool.

Driven by our commitment to the environment, our Policy extends to our contractors as well. Thus, in the execution of every work we require our contractors to meet the same standards we stick to and to implement environmental protection programs recommendations.

At TGS we follow specific procedures to detect and keep in check those issues that may adversely affect the environment.

Our management is based on compliance with current laws, respect for environmental management procedures and plans and on the responsible behavior of each member of the organization to prevent environmental impacts and conduct our businesses in a sustainable manner.

We tirelessly work to uphold the culture we have developed to prevent pollution and preserve the natural resources we use, being fully aware that we manage a non- renewable resource, which must be used in an efficient manner.