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Who we are

We play a leading role in the economic growth of our country. We transport energy and quality of life.

Our culture is focused on the client, innovation and achievements. We are aware that our team is the key to our success and we believe in its high level of commitment and competence.

We treat one another with respect, mutual trust and we believe in the power of dialogue.

We build a healthy and challenging work environment and we look after the welfare of our people. We are, as we have been for over 10 years, one of the best places to work at in Argentina.

Our team anticipates the needs of the market, is open to new ways of thinking and is focused on the fulfillment of our objectives.

We have the track record and the knowledge. We have the tools required to keep developing ourselves, to drive our country forward and to improve the quality of life of people.



We offer professional development opportunities by means of a constant learning approach, from a transversal vision of the business focused on a greater achievement, placing the client as the main axis for the design of innovating solutions.


We offer you an outstanding and competitive Benefits Program, designed to suit the needs of all of us who make TGS.

Organized by segments, this program provides you with creative and specific options that have been devised thinking in your family, your health promotion and care as well as your recreation, in addition to loans and insurance.

hese benefits allow you to work in a flexible and comfortable environment, besides supporting you in all the stages of your life and your family’s.

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