Who we are

Corporate governance

We constantly work to incorporate the best practices, taking into account the international trend of the markets and current local and foreign regulations, in order to preserve and protect our investors and the community in general and promote transparency of our actions


  • Guarantee greater transparency in our management, through the definition of a culture of integrity and clarity in the conduct of our businesses.
  • Adequate supervision, through continuous improvement of the internal controls structure, leadership in regulatory compliance and the adoption of Policies aimed at efficient risk management.
  • Correct assignment of responsibilities (accountability), making clear the responsibility assumed by the Directors and Managers of our company, regarding the adequate fulfillment of our Policies and internal Norms.

  • The Corporate Governance practices of tgs are regulated by current Argentine legislation (especially by the General Law of Companies No. 19,550 and its amendments and the 26.831 Capital Market law), the rules of the National Securities Commission and other competent bodies and the Company's Statute.
  • Likewise, tgs owns securities registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the world's largest stock market in terms of monetary volume. For this reason, we are subject to the rules and regulations of the NYSE and the SEC.
Integrity program

Approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with the terms of the Law on Criminal Responsibility of Legal Persons No. 27,401, it seeks to strengthen, systematize and implement a set of internal actions and procedures in order to guarantee greater transparency in the development of our business. It is made up of the Code of Conduct and a series of internal policies.

Code of conduct

It governs the behavior of our directors, trustees, members of management and employees. It emphasizes the ethics, transparency and honesty of those who work in the company. To ensure your full understanding, we conduct training in e-learning format. We also ensure that suppliers, independent contractors, consultants and clients also accept its principles.

Anti-fraud policy

It establishes the responsibilities, functions and methodology for the prevention and detection of irregularities that may arise in relation to the activities we carry out.

Ethical line

It is a channel for our employees, clients, suppliers and other interested parties to report anonymously and confidentially about potential irregularities and breaches of the Code of Conduct.

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Risk management policies

We have an internal standard for the identification, evaluation and monitoring of risks at a strategic level. A strategic risk report is issued annually, which is analyzed by the Directorate, Management and the Audit Committee, in compliance with the functions that were granted to them by current legal regulations.

Investor relations

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ESG Report

Reaffirming our commitment to transparency, we present our operating, socio-environmental and financial results registered during the year 2022