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Services provided

Services provided

Calibration of Turbine or Rotary Type Natural Gas Meters

The calibration method is by comparing the mass flow rates of the meter to be calibrated with respect to the standard Reference System. The Reference System is composed of rotary type standard meters, of special design, which have pressure and temperature measurement to calculate the mass flow. Our method allows to calibrate up to 3 signal outputs of the meter to be calibrated
The Laboratory's Measurement and Calibration capacity is 0.28%.
A Calibration Certificate is issued according to how the meter to be calibrated was received and another Calibration Certificate after its adjustment or repair, if necessary.

Spin Test Assay

It consists of establishing the rotor rotation time of a turbine-type meter, according to the manufacturer's procedure. This test acts as a comparative reference to detect later in the maintenance routines, friction problems or wear in the bearings.

Sound Velocity Verification

It consists of establishing the difference between the speed of sound read by the ultrasonic meter string with respect to the speed of sound determined by the composition of the gas used (high purity Nitrogen), the pressure and the test temperature. The results allow detecting instability or problems in the performance of the acoustic path of the meter.
The laboratory uncertainty for this test is 0.04%

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Turbomachinery workshop

In our 750 m2 workshop, located in the Gral Cerri Complex, we carry out maintenance, repair and overhaul of turbines.

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