Creating value


The well-being of all the people with whom we interact is our priority. Therefore, we work with the highest standards of health and safety and promote diversity and equity, creating lasting ties that encourage the professional growth of our employees.

Social Investment

Learn a trade Program

Since 2007, together with the La Piedad Technical Institute, we have carried out the program aimed at providing job training to unemployed youth in the city or to improve their job profile.

1,095 young people from Bahía Blanca have already been trained in 17 trades such as welding, carpentry, electricity, design and screen printing, and sewers, among others.

The first ten years of the program were developed in the workshops of the institute's headquarters, with the objective of expanding the offer of free job training for popular sectors.

In 2016 the "Learn a trade" program incorporated an activity called "La Piedad and TGS in the neighborhoods", with the intention of bringing the teaching of trades to the most remote neighborhoods of the city, so that, especially the youth population, could access job training.

In 2022, we offered five workshops: carpentry, operation of computer tools, home electricity, manufacture of aluminum openings, 3D printing and professional practices, in which more than 80 people participated in both locations.

In 15 years we have trained more than 1200 people.

We support education

Works in schools

The main objective of the program is to improve the indicators of graduation, repetition and abandonment of students; increase socio-emotional capacities and the school climate and pedagogical use of student technologies.

At the end of the works, we carry out awareness and responsibility workshops with the older students of each school. We seek with these workshops to generate in young people a sense of belonging that they can transmit to their younger colleagues.

14 educational institutions renovated
+ 8000 students benefited


ESG Report

Reaffirming our commitment to transparency, we present our ESG report, aligned with international standards.

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