TGS has activated its Business Continuity Plan to ensure the rendering of its public natural gas transportation service

In response to COVID-19, we inform the community and the media that we have adopted the measures required to ensure the continuity of the public natural gas transportation service and also to protect the health of our employees, suppliers and contractors.

Presently, we are rendering the mentioned service on a normal basis. Our work teams are organized in such a way as to address the sanitary situation, guaranteeing the well-being and health of our staff, sanitary safety at our facilities and the continuity of the natural gas transportation service.

We keep in constant communication with the main stakeholders related to our activities: ENARGAS, labor unions, shareholders, banks, suppliers, contractors and customers who share our facilities throughout 9000 km of pipelines, maintenance bases and compressor plants.

It should be mentioned that our Business Continuity Plan also ensures the conduction of the other businesses of our Company, such as LPG production and dispatch, our midstream operations in Vaca Muerta, telecommunication services and other operations.

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